MT Independent Productions LLC

Enhancing Your Message

Through Digital Marketing Production


What We Provide

High-End Content for Your Business or Brand


Social Distancing Content

Bring your in-person events, classes, ect. on-line for a socially-distanced world.


Video Production

Ad spots, Testimonials, Informational Content, and more



Show Development, Production, Edit, and Feed Management



We work with our clients to understand your content needs, write scripts, scout locations, and more

Computer Screen


Employing many years of editing experience to bring your message to life


   A Bit About MTIP

We are a woman-owned video and audio production marketing business, specializing in end-to-end small business digital content creation.


Our team prides itself on working with clients to deliver well-produced, creative content that enhances each clients' brand and message across digital platforms (i.e. websites, landing pages, social media).

How We Got Started:

One seasoned TV and marketing professional looking for a new creative outlet, and one trained AV master and film buff looking to provide quality digital content for small businesses in his local area, decided to take the leap and combine their passions for the betterment of digital content everywhere.


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